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Serious skin problems?
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For over 20 years, professionals have trusted Lantiseptic to care for their patients’ most serious skin problems, no matter the life stage. Each Lantiseptic product and formulation is enriched with lanolin, a natural emollient that provides a moisture barrier to help maintain skin integrity and reduce skin breakdown.

The Lantiseptic Skin Care Regimen includes a full line of products designed to clean, moisturize, protect and treat various skin problems. This lanolin-enriched product line encourages the proper moisture balance of the skin, which helps promote skin health and reduces the risk of wounds from becoming a liability. Rely on Lantiseptic to help increase patient satisfaction and enhance quality of care. From serious skin care problems to serious skin care solutions, trust Lantiseptic!

Lantiseptic Skin Care Regimen

Lantiseptic provides lanolin-enriched products designed to fill a unique role in an effective skin care regimen, allowing caregivers and patients to achieve desired results.

Clean –  Lantiseptic pH-balanced products are available in no-rinse formulations, providing optimal cleansing in an easy-to-use pump and flip-top tube. Lantiseptic cleansers gently remove irritants which may cause rashes and other skin problems, leaving skin clean, revitalized and protected. The No-Rinse Cleansing Foam and 3-n-1 Wash Cream are the ideal solution for all body or on-the-go cleansing.

Moisturize – Lantiseptic moisturizers soften vulnerable skin, leaving skin smooth and soft. The Nourishing Skin Cream temporarily protects and conditions to promote healthier looking skin. Ideal for targeted use or every day care, Dry Skin Therapy is formulated with 30% lanolin and is uniquely suited for the maintenance and protection of severely dry skin.

Protect – Protections is an important step in every effective skin care regimen. Lantiseptic protective barrier ointments provide long-lasting protection and help maintain skin integrity. The 50% lanolin formulation in the Original Skin Protectant provides a moisture barrier that protects chafed skin due to incontinence and helps prevent skin irritations. The Protective Ointment temporarily protects and helps relieve cracked, chapped, or chafed skin and lips. The petrolatum based protectant also helps treat and prevent incontinence associated dermatitis.

Treat – Lantiseptic CaldaZinc Ointment provides a moisture barrier that prevents and helps heal minor skin irritation from incontinent episodes, hemorrhoids, cuts, minor burns, itching, and others.

Importance of a Skin Care Protocol

Chronic skin problems like Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD) or skin ulcers are major concern for healthcare facilities. It costs the industry millions every year in unnecessary treatment, can result in unwanted F-Tags or open the facility up to financial and legal liability.

Many facilities recognize this and are shifting to prevention-based strategies, incorporating a care regimen that can effectively manage and help prevent skin care issues.

The Lantiseptic skin care regimen recommends cleaning and moisturizing daily, protecting regularly and treating on an as-needed basis to help improve quality of care.

The Lanolin Story

Every Lantiseptic product and formulation is enriched with lanolin, which helps maintain skin integrity and reduce breakdown. This can help improve skin cleanliness, keep skin moisturized and nourished, as well as provide long-lasting protection.

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