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Incontinence Skin Care

Dealing with incontinence can present many problems. Adult undergarments help contain the fecal and urinary incontinence, but if not managed carefully can lead to rashes, skin breakdown and potential infection.

Incontinent episodes often cause damage to the skin and may present as incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) or other forms of moisture-associated skin damage (MASD). These conditions are attributed to excessive moisture, which increases skin permeability and weakens the skin’s ability to form an effective barrier.

One can reduce the prevalence of IAD and MASD by maintaining the integrity of the skin by following a proper regimen of cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting the skin.

Our recommended solutions:

Diabetic Skin

When you have diabetes, keeping it under control (such as maintaining a proper diet and monitoring your blood glucose level) is an essential step in keeping your skin healthy. There are several considerations for good skin care, such as keeping your skin and feet moisturized.

Encouraging the proper moisture balance of the skin is important and one of the many benefits lanolin provides, as it helps reduce skin breakdown. Maintaining skin integrity helps promote healthy skin, which can help reduce the chance of skin drying, cracking and bleeding.

Take excellent care of your skin. See below for suggested solutions:
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Ulcer-Prone Skin

People in nursing homes or in wheelchairs are at high risk for pressure ulcers. Moisture can be a contributing factor in pressure ulcer development. Skin can become more susceptible to the damaging forces that cause pressure ulcers, as it can become weak and more permeable as a result of excess moisture (often resulting from incontinent episodes, perspiration, or other pH imbalanced fluids).

As many as 95% of pressure ulcers are preventable using techniques designed for an effective skin care regimen, such as cleaning, moisturizing and protecting skin.* Prevention is extremely important in reducing the risk of pressure ulcer development and can be accomplished with an effective lanolin-enriched skin care regimen.

Below are a few skin tips from the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Board for early detection and prevention of pressure ulcers:*
    • Inspect the skin at least daily, and document assessment results.
    • Individualize bathing frequency. Use a mild cleansing agent. Avoid hot water and excessive friction.
    • Assess and treat incontinence. When incontinence cannot be controlled, cleanse skin at time of soiling, use a topical moisture barrier, and select underpads or briefs that are absorbent and provide a quick drying surface to the skin.
    • Use moisturizers for dry skin. Minimize environmental factors leading to dry skin such as low humidity and cold air.
    • Avoid massage over bony prominences.
    • Use proper positioning, transferring, and turning techniques to minimize skin injury due to friction and shear forces.


Below are some of our recommendations:


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Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common problem for all types of skin and is caused by a loss of water. This condition, often referred to as xerosis, affects over 75% of those 64 and older.* Common activities can worsen dry skin, such as hot baths and low humidity during the winter months.

Dry skin problems can be managed with the use of non-irritating cleansers and moisturizers. Lantiseptic products contain lanolin, a natural emollient that provides a moisture barrier and helps control transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Lanolin can hold up to 200% of its own weight in water and has similar properties to human skin lipids, which play an important role in controlling the moisture of the skin.

Use Lantiseptic Original Skin Protectant or Lantiseptic Dry Skin Therapy to keep skin hydrated and maintain skin integrity, which helps reduce itching and the risk of potential infections associated with broken skin.

Help manage dry skin with the following recommendations:


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Everyday Skin Care

Lantiseptic Cleansing and Moisturizing products are formulated for use on a daily basis, making it the ideal solution for cleansing on-the-go or moisturizing frequently washed hands.

Help incorporate Lantiseptic into your skin care regimen with the following recommendations: